What is SDMO Gear?

What is SDMO Gear?

 We likely told about twenty-five people about SDMO Gear as it was being put together.  Without going into too much detail, we let them know that we were starting an online store to sell Slow Down Move Over shirts, safety items, drinkware, and more.  The conversations were generally quick but got to the point about how we can raise awareness of the issue from the inside of a for-profit business model and that it can be done tastefully and be respectful of those professionals in the industries most impacted by the public’s lack of awareness or concern for those in harm’s way.  To top it all off, we can help the families of those who befall tragedies by supporting the non-profits who are dedicated to specific groups whose constituency is on the roadside taking the risks every day as they pursue their careers.


To begin, we specifically chose to focus on numerous public safety disciplines and to identify some specific groups who are highly impacted by the lack of compliance with the existing Slow Down Move Over laws in all 50 states.  Primary responders like Police, Fire, Towing, and EMS were the most obvious choices due to the on-demand nature of their response and the additional dangers of being on the roadside in situations where your presence is unplanned.  Additionally, we wanted to recognize others who respond on the roadside and we specifically called out the Mobile Mechanic role as one who is regularly in this same dangerous environment.  Looking to those who are more likely to have scheduled their locations, we took note of the serious challenges faced by Road Construction workers who also do not receive the respect and driving courtesies that might typically be afforded to other groups such as law enforcement.  In the middle of these we also included Flaggers as their roles can be in so many different types of situations and they deal with the same driving public as the others.  There are certainly more to be recognized but we are also working to setup the relationships with the best organizations offering support to the various groups.


The organizations who are setup to receive financial donations based on sales transactions at SDMO Gear are currently:

  • International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum - Survivor Fund
  • National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
  • National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund

At this time, we are also working on gaining relationships with groups in each other area we specifically call out in our Slow Down Move Over efforts.


In addition to our simple plan of using Print-On-Demand resources, products we choose to purchase for resale from our physically inventory, and the Slow Down Move Over Arrow which really got us thinking about how we could be more directly involved as a business, we have a few other sales opportunities. We intend to provide a conduit to a full inventory to allow organizations to gain revenues by using SDMO Gear as their product supplier.  We also intend to have an authorization process for groups to license the use of our copyrighted and/or trademarked logos and emblems.  This will allow agencies and companies alike to use our Slow Down Move Over graphics on their own items such as a company t-shirt or an agency’s coffee mugs.


Our goals are simple and are outlined below:


We want to save lives.

The Slow Down Move Over Arrow alone is a lifesaver.  It tells the motorists what to do rather than just gathering their attention as they are lulled into thinking about lights and what may be happening.  A clear indicator of the appropriate response seems to provide better outcomes.  We further know that raising awareness about the need for Slow Down Move Over will improve the safety for many men and women who risk their lives on the roadside.


We want to make money.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with profit.  We are risking significant amounts of money in starting a business and we are certainly investing our most valuable asset, time.  We are bringing new products to market as well as new designs and a new approach.  Time will tell if this business will be successful financially but that is certainly one of our goals.


We want to help those left behind.

When tragedies occur for those who serve, we want to support the organizations best positioned to assist those left behind.  We have already established some partnerships in this area and we intend to add more.  When shoppers visit their cart and choose an organization to benefit from their purchase, SDMO Gear will give 5% of the total sale to the organization selected.  It is our goal to grow our giving as we grow the business.


Our mission:

SDMO Gear, LLC is dedicated to generating public awareness of the dangers faced by emergency responders and others on our nation’s roadways and to educating the audience about the existence of Slow Down Move Over laws.  Our for-profit venture sells SDMO branded gear to generate this awareness and we donate significant time as well as a portion of top line revenue to charitable causes and organizations supporting those left behind by these tragedies. We make it the customer’s choice as to which group receives the financial benefit of their transaction.  Through this approach we hope to support all disciplines and professions faced with the senseless tragedy of roadside deaths caused by the same motorists these men and women have worked to serve.

These are the goals of the business and our mission.  We have personal goals tied to this effort as well and will likely share those later through the SDMO Blog that begins here.

Thank you for supporting SDMO Gear and our efforts.